Gave up work to study

I had been at my company for 13 years – not bad for a two-week temporary position – when they announced the company would be moving to a location several hundred miles away. I wasn’t being made redundant, but all of my colleagues in the office were. I had always regretted not doing better at school and for years I had dreamt about getting a degree. I decided this would be my last chance to go to university and I handed in my notice to leave on the same day as my colleagues. This was a really difficult decision for me, I had worked since the day I had left school and now technically I was making myself unemployed. On top of that I had absolutely no idea if I had the academic abilities and intelligence to enable me to earn a degree!

Enrolled at college

I enrolled on an access to higher education course at the local college. I had to gain the entry requirements for the degree course, as I didn’t have any A levels this would be the best option.

I was terrified walking in on my first day. I was almost double the age of everyone on the course. But I quickly adapted to college life. The handing in of assessments was so stressful, I never felt that what I had done was good enough to pass. Sounds rather ridiculous as I achieved distinction in every module.

I applied to three universities, based on the course content and all of them gave me unconditional offers of a place.

I was finally going to university at the age of 39!!

You can read about my university experience in my post the old bird graduated.

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